What is a Koolernaut?

KOOLERNAUT is a Digital Beer Insulator made from thick, sturdy foam and features a built-in digital thermometer that activates when you insert a Beer can (or Soda can as well). It was spawned in Spring 2014 by Dave “The Beer Outlaw” Brecht whom crafted the Original Beer Holster back in 2006 and has been an avid BEER CONNOISSEUR since he was 21 (legal drinking age of course!).

What’s makes Koolernaut superior over a standard “Koozie”?

Many people, including Koolernaut, thought all beer should be served ice cold. If it’s cheap American beer, you may be right. However, with the explosion of microbrew and craft beer, the knowledge of drinking beer at the proper temperature is slowly gaining popularity. Koolernaut can be used for both, making sure your American lagers are ice cold with the Koolernaut Ice Puck, and by using the digital thermometer and beer temperature chart to ensure your tasty craft beers are not freezing your taste buds!

The Koolernaut Ice Puck, what is that gizmo?

It’s another awesome feature of the Koolernaut. It is an Ice Puck made to fit the bottom of Koolernaut and is filled with a freezable non-toxic gel that chills your Beer (or Soda) using the Laws of Physics. The Ice Puck will also fit any standard “Koozie”.

Why Kickstarter?

The custom molds and initial inventory order for the Koolernaut was going to cost us a pretty penny, so we looked to our consumers and fans to help front some of this cost.

How long does the thermometer battery last?

Our estimate is that the battery will last approximately 4,000 hours. The display only turns on when you have a beverage inserted. The thermometer should last many years, even for the heaviest brewski drinkers!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we are happy to make Koolernaut fans all over the Globe. Please contact us anytime.

Do you do bulk orders?

Yes, please email: [email protected]

My Koolernaut is Amazing! Was it designed by a Physicist?

Thank You! Well, invented by not a Physicist but a Real Life Engineer who conceived the idea to mix Digital Technology and Insulation to ensure the Highest Quality and Best Looking Chiller out there!

Will non-USA Koolernauts display in degrees Celsius?

YES! All International Koolernauts will be programmed to display in degrees Celsius!

Does Koolernaut work with bottles?

A bottle is shaped differently than a standard aluminum can so it will not be in good contact with the thermometer. We are looking at creating a bottle version if there is a high demand in the near future.